E++ is a portable, OO emulator. It is designed to be flexible and easy to extend. The current version runs under DOS only. This version has Z80 and 6502 cores built in, and emulates the following systems:

Please see the README and the history file for more information.

Current version: 1.03

Note: You should have VESA 2 support to run this emulator. If you don't (or your card doesn't support the required resolution), it will still run, but in ModeX which, at the moment, is VERY slow. The epplog.txt tells you which mode it used.

New: Working front-end. You can select your system, and set DIP switches. I've changed the mouse code, which acted a bit funny under Windows 95. Various source changes.

If you want the emulator, you can download it in ZIP format. You can get the source in ZIP format or as a gzip'd tar file. Be sure to use the -d option when unzipping, so that the directory structure is maintained.

If you want to talk about the emulator, then you can mail me at james@guybrush.demon.co.uk.